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The LED ceiling lamp is a lamp that is adsorbed or embedded in the ceiling of the roof. Like the chandelier, it is also the main lighting device in the room. It is a lamp that is often used in various places such as homes, offices, and entertainment places. The ceiling lamp can be directly mounted on the ceiling, and the installation is simple and the style is simple and generous, giving the space a clear and bright feeling.
The lamp used by the led ceiling lamps is about twice as low as the usual lamp, and the LED ceiling lamp itself has a very high luminous rate, which can effectively save electric energy, and the service life is longer and more durable than the ordinary lamp.
Optional criteria:
Safety: The lampshade of the ceiling lamp should be selected from materials that are not easily damaged, so it is best not to choose the ceiling lamp of the glass cover;
Transparency: The material of the lampshade should be uniform, and it must have high light transmission and can not display the light tube. Uneven materials can affect the brightness of the lamp and can be detrimental to vision. Some light-transparent lampshades, although aesthetically pleasing, affect light, and should not be selected;
Durability: The quality of the lamp and rectifier is directly related to the life of the ceiling lamp. Poor quality lamps are prone to blackening, which affects the lighting effect of the lamp.
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