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Welcome The United Nations International Solar Training Team Visit Adot Again In 2017
May 22, 2017

Welcome the United Nations International Solar Training Team visit Adot again in 2017

In May 18th 2017, the united Nations International Solar Training Team visited Adot again, more than 50 members came to Adot together to learn and study the originality.

Those members are mainly from South Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle-East and other places. They were focused on the study of LED lighting trends, lifetime extension and power consumption reduction. They had expressed the strongly interesting in Adot lamps after this visit, especially for the 2 kinds of table lamps, some of the members bought them on the spot after try it.

With adhering to the company philosophy that honest, factualism, innovation and win-win, Adot insist to provide the high quality LED lamps to all the end users, and welcome all to visit Adot.