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The night light is softly lit and plays a role in guiding the lighting in the darkness. At the same time, the night light is rich in variety, strong in choice, with the function of decoration and embellishment. The shape of the night light is ever-changing, and the materials include ceramic, wood, wrought iron, acrylic, metal and other materials. It is generally installed on the wall for auxiliary lighting and decoration, and is installed on the wall or pillar of the bed, hall, hallway, etc.
1. The LED night light covers almost the entire visible range. The traditional way to get light is incandescent lamps and filters, which greatly reduces the light efficiency.
2, the actual life of LED night light is up to 50,000 hours, which is several times or even dozens of times of the general light source.
3. There is no mercury in the light source, and the light beam does not contain ultraviolet light. LED night light is a solid light source, green and environmentally friendly, especially suitable for use in professional places such as perfume shops, jewelry stores, museums, art galleries, etc., to meet the special requirements of the display products for lighting.
4. Solid light, good seismic performance, firm and reliable.
5. energy saving, economic, maintenance-free.
6. dynamic color control, adjustable light and dark, LED combination of three primary colors can use PWM to achieve color changes.
7. LED night light has a strong directionality of light, high utilization of light flux, and small size, easy to control the design of LED lamps and the distribution of light intensity.
8. LED night light can be powered by DC low voltage, safe and reliable.
9. LED night light is not limited by the starting temperature, can be started transiently, usually several ms, and can reach the full luminous flux output transiently.
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  • touching Sensor LED Night Light for Hallways

    touching Sensor LED Night Light for Hallways

    This touching sensor wall night light for Hallways is all round 360 touchable control on the metal base body (without any physical button). This new design is the best plan for your night light for hallways and the night Light for closet.Read More
  • Kids Bedroom Aluminum Light

    Kids Bedroom Aluminum Light

    This Kids Bedroom aluminum Light, using an all-aluminum body, combined with CNC technology to integrate large crystal glass lenses. It has a fully integrated curved shape that forms the UFO shape, without any joints or welding reflecting the aesthetics of the technology.Read More
  • USB LED Convenient Touch Bedroom Lights

    USB LED Convenient Touch Bedroom Lights

    These USB LED Convenient Touch Bedroom Lights are electronic touch sensor lights. The switch mode is to touch the surface of the lamp, the touch light is on, and then the touch light is off. The products are CE and RoHS certified and are all made of new aluminum. And it is...Read More
  • Touchable Sensor LED Wall Night Light

    Touchable Sensor LED Wall Night Light

    This is the new wall wash LED night light and this kind of touch wall night light is the unique wall washer night light. It can be used in various places and it could be the night light for hallways or night light for bedroom.Read More
  • Touch Sensor Control LED Light

    Touch Sensor Control LED Light

    The lamp body of this night light is made of imported aluminum alloy. Its heat dissipation capability is super strong, and its stress, tension and ductility are superior to ordinary aluminum, so it is practical and durable. Touch Sensor Control LED Light features a special...Read More
  • Bright Colored LED Bedroom Nightlight

    Bright Colored LED Bedroom Nightlight

    It was fun to put the Bright Colored LED Bedroom Nightlight on the house, and at night the lights were very soft, let us see the warmth in the dark. This special room nightlight uses a projection lamp to create a unique new invented conical light pattern that perfectly blends...Read More
  • LED Night Touch Switch Table Light

    LED Night Touch Switch Table Light

    The Baby table night light, we need no direct light, dimming function, touching control and friendly shape. No sharp angles, smooth surface and the profile is children’s favorite. This UFO shape touch night light lamp will meet all your needs.Read More
  • Crystal Ball Night Table Lamp

    Crystal Ball Night Table Lamp

    This is the crystal night light. The Classical shape, UFO, drives everyone’s childhood memories into real life! K9 Crystal Ball Night Light will create and meet your different needs of lighting atmosphere in bedroom or any private places.Read More
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