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The wall lamp is an auxiliary lighting decorative lamp installed on the indoor wall, and is generally equipped with a milky white glass lampshade. The power of the bulb is about 15-40 watts. The light is light and harmonious, and the environment can be elegantly decorated and rich, especially in the newly-married room. There are many types and styles of wall lamps, such as common ceiling lamps, color wall lamps, bedside wall lamps, and mirror front wall lamps.
This kind of wall lamp can not only bring us light, but also increase the beauty and romance of the room. It is an indispensable part of home decoration.
Wall lamp advantages
1. Wall lamp energy saving and no pollution. It adopts DC drive, ultra-low power consumption electro-optical power conversion is close to 100%, the same lighting effect is more than 80% energy saving than traditional light source.
2. The wall lamp adopts solid cold light source, epoxy resin package, and there is no loose part in the lamp body. There are no shortcomings such as filament light-emitting, heat deposition and light decay. It has a service life of 60,000 to 100,000 hours and is more than 10 times longer than conventional light sources.
3. Wall lamp environmental protection is better. There is no ultraviolet and infrared rays in the spectrum, neither heat nor radiation, glare is small. Moreover, its waste can be recycled, no pollution, no mercury. The cold light source can be safely touched, and is a typical environmentally friendly lighting source.
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